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From: Justanother Author
Subject: Father-Brother-Uncle-Son-4Here's the next installment in this story. I would appreciate any feedback
of a positive nature, and of course, flames will be ignored. You can Email
me at: HermesAuthorgmail.comDISCLAIMER:All the usual copyrights apply. This story may involve sexual contact
between Adult Men and Younger Males, two Boys, or two Adult Men. If this
type of story is not to your liking, or for any reason is forbidden where
you live, please, PLEASE, delete this file and stop. If this is to your
tastes, then I hope you enjoy this story, for that is all it is. Fiction,
Fantasy, the musing of the Author's mind written and shared with you. Any
similarities to any person living or dead are purely coincidental. I do
not in any way condone, support, or promote any illegal act in any
jurisdiction. But, thank God, we still have the right to SAY anything as
long as we don't DO anything.So, without any further ado, Please enjoy.Hermes
Father, Brother, Uncle, Son
Chapter 4 -- Uncle AlFrom Last Time:Uncle Al maneuvered his boat so it was right next to ours and threw ropes
across so we could tie the boats together. He stepped across onto our deck
and saw Tommy and I standing there naked. He took a look at me and Tommy
and said, "My you two have grown!"Dad looked at Al and said, "Well, there's no children here. Just men and
young men." I guess that was dad's way to tell Uncle Al that I could cum
now. Al looked at me and held his arms out for me to give him a hug. I
ran to him and threw my arms around him. He did the same to me and was
rubbing my back and butt.Dad told us (more for my benefit than Tommy, who already knew)that even
though Uncle Al top less lolita young
was mom's brother, he and Al shared the philosophy that it
was up to the older men to teach the boys what sex was all about, and,
since we were all now 'men', he asked Al to come by and help teach.My dick started getting hard little girls lolita underground thinking of having sex with Uncle Al, and I
could tell Tommy's was doing the same. Dad told me that since I was the
'man' of the hour, I would be the first to be with Al, while he and Tommy
stayed on our boat in our cabin.I hopped over the rail and onto Al's boat and he followed. He turned to
Dad and Tommy and winked.Chapter 4 - Uncle AlAl's boat was nice, but I still thought ours was nicer. I got to the cabin
doorway and looked back at Uncle lola preteen nude model
Al who had just gotten back on board his
own boat. He made his way and free lolta cute angils we entered the cabin together. Inside I had
to change my mind. The cabin of Uncle Al's boat was way nicer than the
cabin in ours. He had a real bed, and it seemed that he had more room than
ours even though our boat was bigger.Al looked at me and said, "How long has it been since we saw each other,
Robbie? I think you were about 8 or 9 when I stayed with you. That was
before I moved away. I'm back now and we can get to be real close friends."I smiled, hoping he meant what I thought he did by 'real close friends'.
My dick was really hard and I guess without meaning to I was stroking it
while I stood there talking to him. I guess this was driving Uncle Al mad,
because he eventually stopped looking me in the eye when we talked, his
eyes were stuck on my boyhood."I understand that you're squirting now, Robbie. I bet that makes you
happy, right?""Oh yeah! pre teen littel lola It feels better now that I squirt when I cum.""Do you mind if I taste it?"I thought he'd never ask. I approached him where he was sitting in a
fairly low chair. I think he actually had it designed so he could be at
dick level of a boy. Once I was close enough, he reached out and grabbed
my butt cheeks and pulled me closer. I felt my dick slowly being engulfed
into his mouth. He gave me the best blow job I had ever gotten. Tommy and
dad really could learn from Uncle Al. I mean the way his tongue almost
wrapped itself like a snake round my dick, and the way his tongue poked
into the slit on the tip of my dick. My head was swimming almost within
seconds.While he was sucking on me, I felt him reach into a drawer with one hand
while he rubbed my butt cheeks with the other. He was still going to town
on my dick when I heard him squirt some of that same goo on his hands. I
felt him rub his hands together then felt one hand start to rub my balls.
Nobody had ever done that when I was getting sucked and it felt wonderful.
A few seconds later, I felt one of Uncle Al's fingers sticking into the
crack of my butt. I knew what he was going to do now. top less lolita young
He began by
inserting flat chested young lolita one finger into my tight hole, all the while rubbing my balls and
sucking my dick.He was driving me wild with his finger rubbing my insides while his hand
stimulated my balls and his mouth and tongue were doing a number on my
dick. I knew I wouldn't last much longer. By this time I was moaning very
loudly great lolita photos bbs and I'm sure Tommy and dad heard it. Right about the time I was
going to pop, Uncle Al stuck his finger deep inside me and touched a spot
inside me. It shot electricity through my body and I immediately started
cumming harder than I ever had before. True that was only 3 or 4 times so
far, but it was still amazing.I came and came and came. Four good shots. When I was finished I was
exhausted. Uncle Al pulled his finger out of my butt, and reached to grab
a towel, all the while holding me with his arms. He wiped his hands off
and held me on his lap while I recuperated.After about 10 minutes of just sitting there enjoying Uncle Al holding me
like I was a little boy, He said he wanted to see me cum with his own eyes.
He asked me to lay on the bed and jack off while he watched. I asked him
if he was going to join me, but he said he'd just be happy to sit in his
chair and watch. This was about me, not about him, he said.I lay on the bed and started rubbing on my limp dick with forefinger and
thumb. Slowly I felt my dick starting to harden and once it was hard, I
wrapped my hand around it and started jacking off. As I was jacking off, I
realized I'd still never seen myself cum and it was even more exciting to
me to think about watching my own dick squirt. This fueled my jacking and
after a very short time, I was jacking so hard my hand looked like a blur
to me. I felt my orgasm starting to build and I panted to Uncle Al to
stick a finger up my butt and hit that spot again. He reached for the K-Y
and lubed up one finger. He inserted it and almost immediately found that
magic spot and started rubbing on it. That was all it took.I started to cum and watched myself squirt. naughty lolita girl models It wasn't much, but I saw it
happen. I felt it hit my belly. I saw it laying there. It wasn't as
pearly white as dad's or Tommy's but I knew it wasn't pee. I took some on
my finger and licked it. I think mine tasted best of all I had tasted yet.After I had calmed down, I asked Uncle Al if I could suck him off, but he
said that wasn't what he liked, he like to watch. He asked me what Tommy
and me had done and I told him about Tommy and me fucking each other. He
got a huge smile on his face and said he would love to watch us do that. I
just smiled and told him, "I am sure we can arrange that, Uncle Al!"I was just about to go get Tommy and dad when they knocked on the cabin
door. Tommy was still naked and in the time I'd been with Uncle Al, dad
had gotten naked also. Dad came into the cabin and commented on how nicely
Al had furnished it. He sat in a chair right next to Al, leaving only the
bed for me and Tommy to sit on.I whispered to Tommy what Uncle Al wanted us to do and he grinned at me.
He had obviously prepared because almost out of thin air, he brought out a
tube of K-Y. He started to lube up my butt, but said, "Hey! You're
already lubed! How'd that happen?""Uncle Al stuck a finger up my butt and found a magic spot. When he hit it
I came like I never had before."Tommy smiled at me saying it was called the prostate and it felt really
good when someone massaged it. Another name for it was a boy's magic
button. Tommy was sure right about that. He started rubbing the lube on
his dick and he lay down on his back with his head toward Uncle Al and dad.
He told me to sit on it while I was facing them. That way when I came I'd
cum onto his belly and chest and not make a huge mess. Tommy was always
considerate, especially because he hated cleaning.I straddled Tommy's lap with my knees on both sides and began to lower my
butt hole onto his hard dick. I felt the head touch my rosebud and lowered
myself further and felt it begin to enter me. I slowly lowered myself onto
his love pole until I felt his pubic hair rubbing on my butt cheeks. I sat
there for a few seconds and while he was fully inside me, I started pulling
on my own dick.After a minute, I started to lift myself until just the head of his dick
was inside me and looked at Al and dad. Al was just sitting there staring
at us with a smile on his face, and dad was jacking off while he watched me
fuck myself on Tommy's dick. I could feel my third orgasm in the past hour
and a half building and it was fantastic. Tommy had reached up and was
playing with my balls while I rhythmically raised and lowered myself on his
penis.I heard him moaning loudly knowing he was going to cum very soon and I told
him I was going to cum again too. I felt my orgasm peaking and I sat down
fully on Tommy's lap and started to cum onto his belly. I guess my butt
hole contracted when I came and it pushed him over the edge and I could
feel his dick squirting inside me. It was a really good cum.I dismounted Tommy and lay next to him on the bed. I saw the little
droplets of my cum on his belly and leaned over and licked them off him. I
heard Uncle Al sigh and say, "Oh My God! That is the hottest thing I've
ever seen, him licking his own cum off his brother's belly."The rest of our naughty lolita girl models
trip, Al just sat in his chair watching while dad, Tommy,
and me did stuff. I even got to fuck dad once, and since I was old enough
now, dad finally fucked me. But I'll tell you about that next time.Coming Soon -- Chapter 5 - Me and Dad, Alone again.
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